Warehouse Tent

G Serisi Çadırlar

These structures are the basic shelter system. Although these constructions are limited in scope, the high-quality prefabricated construction products are the most economical and closed space solutions for the industry in terms of maintaining the current state of the art.

The G-Class constructions are achieved by applying twisted hot galvanized steel frames to a PVC roofed polyester roof surface internally. Although the length of this unique structure is constructed as customer's needs with 3m internal modules, the width is in the standard dimensions of 15m (12m - 18m).

The roof is constructed as a single piece, allowing the surface to be fully attached to the wall finishes. The doors can be placed anywhere within the frame. There are also a wide range of accessory materials.

Usage Areas

  • Multipurpose Warehouse
  • Repair - Maintenance Workshop
  • Dining hall