Railed System Moving Type Tent

Wideness and lenght are completely dependent on customer demand in this last model of Yön Tent. Since it is collapsible system it is mostly preferable model. It can be estabished at demanded area whenever demanded.

Our tents are resistant to hot, cold and all climates. It can be stored in very small area and also additional cost is not needed for re-establishment of these tents. Because of these reason it is preferable system for temporary settlement.

It is cheaper than traditional structures. It can not be compared with similars because of its railed system and bellows

Firstly, tent canvas which is put on rails is opened by railed system and formed the tent.

Soundness of tent arises from putting rails in place by fixing. Establisment and removing of these tents are very easy and practical and it can be realized in a very short time.

Usage Areas

  • Automobile and vehicle garage
  • Dinning hall
  • Football field entrance corridor